Divided into three main geographic regions: coastal desert, mountain highland and tropical forest, Peru occupies one of the richest agricultural lands in South America. Thanks to its great cultural diversity, Peruvian cuisine is one of the most recognized worldwide, reflecting the country's rich history and traditions. Once known as "Ciudad de Los Reyes" (the City of Kings), Lima is now considered the "gastronomic capital of Latin America" and a destination that belongs on every foodie's bucket list.

Because Lima is known for its top cuisine, taking a Peruvian cooking class is a great way to discover some of the most traditional recipes and learn how to recreate them at home. With the help of a chef, visit one of Lima’s best markets to pick out fresh and local ingredients to use in your cooking. Strolling around different stands you will get an overview of the country’s diverse regions, by learning (and tasting) about exotic fruits and vegetables you have never heard of before.

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