Online Trips to Enjoy during Pandemic

     Although most countries have opened their borders to foreign visitors, traveling during the ongoing pandemic poses real risks. Because visiting many destinations around the world is not yet encouraged, the tourism industry needed to get creative. With the help of technology, today you can visit the historical centers of the most beautiful cities in the world, participate in cooking classes, or observe fascinating wildlife, from the comfort of your home. And because there are countless options out there, we have chosen the most interesting online experiences you can try now.

Tips & Tricks

What to expect?

A local guide will accompany you throughout your online journey, regardless of its specifics. Whether it’s a walking tour or a class where you can take part in an authentic experience, most guides are generous with their time. You will be able to ask as many questions as you want, and sometimes at the end, you can even win small prizes to remember the experience.

How does it work?

Most meetings are scheduled on the Zoom platform. It can be downloaded for free on your desktop or phone, then accessed via a link you will receive in advance from your tour operator, along with an ID and password. Don’t forget to adjust the time of the event to match your time zone.

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