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There is no “wrong” time to visit Galapagos islands! It only depends on what you hope to see.

Destinations! Every island is unique! It’s hard to tell which are the “must-see” islands in the Galapagos, because all of them are incredibly diverse. Whether you choose a cruise or a land-based trip, you will see a wide diversity of fascinating wildlife, regardless of the specific islands that you visit.

Accommodation! There are 18 main islands in Galapagos but only 4 are populated. So, in Galapagos, you will find accommodation on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela, and Floreana. Due to its central position, Santa Cruz Island is the starting point for most excursions and cruises in the Archipelago. If you don’t prefer to spend your vacation on a cruise ship, then Puerto Ayora is the perfect place to stay a few nights in the Archipelago.

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