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…. depends on what areas you want to explore. There are often drastic differences in climatic conditions, so if you plan to combine a visit to several countries, deciding the best time to travel can be challenging.

The time period from November through February is generally the best one to visit Southeast Asia. However, there are some exceptions. Malaysia and Indonesia experience their wet season until April, therefore it is best to travel to Bali or Kuala Lumpur starting with mid-April. ( This is also the perfect month to visit Japan because now the cherry trees are in full bloom.)

Spirituality! Asia is one of the most important spiritual destinations, where religion is part of the local culture. Buddhist temples are one of the most spectacular attractions of the continent. In Thailand, there are over 30,000 temples, of which about a few thousand can be visited in Bangkok alone.

Gastronomy! With authentic street food that is often tastier than at a restaurant, Asia will not cease to amaze you no matter how many times you return. From the popular Thai Tom Yum Goon soup to the exquisite Japanese sushi rolls, due to the variety of Asian sauces and spices, any trip will become a truly exciting culinary experience.

Nature! White-sand beaches, mountains, jungle, fabulous plantations, temples, and tropical islands. Being one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations in the world, Asia offers a wide diversity of landscapes and wildlife to be discovered.

Popular destinations

Patpong | Nightlife in the most visited capital of the world

From the center of one of the largest metropolises in the world to the famous islands of the Andaman Sea, night markets are part of the culture and beauty of Thailand. Whether you want to discover street food, bargain for small handmade treasures or just to observe the lifestyle of the locals, these are the…

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Koh Hong | The perfect island for snorkeling in Thailand

Koh Hong or Hong Island is part of a group of small uninhabited islands off the coast of Krabi province. Consisting of two fine sandy beach areas and an inland lagoon, it is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in southern Thailand. Here you will find spectacular landscapes created by high limestone formations, covered…

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Can’t-Miss Travel Experiences in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most favorite exotic destinations in the world, where most tourists choose to return year after year. From perfect sand beaches to the architecture of Buddhist temples, floating markets or controversial nightlife, the Land of Smiles has something to offer for everyone’s taste. Discover the beauty of Thailand in simple things…

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