Packing Checklist | Essential Travel Accessories

     Need help to make packing for your next trip a little easier? Or maybe just some tips for finding the perfect gift for your loved ones? From amazing gadgets to beauty products that everyone should keep by their side, these are our favorite accessories that really do make traveling even more enjoyable.

Foto / Video

     It’s said that the best thing about traveling is the anticipation and the remembering. Whether it’s a macaw flying over a kapok tree in the Amazon Jungle or a playful sea lion in the Galapagos Islands, when visiting a new destination we are always ready to capture the perfect moment.

     If you are passionate about photography, but you cannot pack all the gear you would wish, be sure to only bring what is suitable for your destination. Several new models with diverse specifications are expected to arrive each year, so it’s better to invest from the beginning in high-performance products. You will enjoy them for a long time, and your holiday memories will be ready to be shared, even without editing.


     Packing your luggage can be overwhelming, especially if your itinerary involves visiting several countries or climatic regions. Although we prefer to travel light, we are always prepared for unforeseen situations.

     Universal plug adapters are essential in countries that have other socket-outlet systems, and a small travel iron has become the best friend of our favorite clothes. Also, if you bring more than one camera, don’t forget to pack a portable battery charger too. It will save you, especially in the evening, when you will have to charge all the batteries for the next day.


     Nothing can be more exciting than seeing the world. But how many times did it happen to feel fatigued after a long flight, and the first day not to be as great as you imagine due to the time zone difference. The reality is that a trip to a different part of the world can sometimes be exhausting, especially when you want to discover so many new beautiful places to visit.

     If your itinerary includes an exotic destination, don’t forget to take care of your skin. A snorkeling day trip or a kayak ride around an island can leave unpleasant memories, just when you least expect it. Use the right products for your skin ( and hair) and do not disregard the effects of sunlight on your health.

Miscellaneous Travel Items

     If you love as much as we do to bring back home all kinds of souvenirs from the places you visit, a luggage scale will help you get through difficult moments at check-in. Vacuum bags are also indispensable, especially when your itinerary includes several flights. Besides saving space in your luggage, you will be able to organize your outfits according to each part of your journey.

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