Even though the Galapagos Islands are distributed on both sides of the Equator line, the bathing suit and a pair of flip flops are by far not enough to spend a few days in Charles Darwin’s paradise. If you're planning a vacation in the Archipelago and you can’t wait to visit as much as possible, walk along giant tortoises or snorkel with tropical fish and sea lions while above you fly blue-footed boobies or frigate birds, don't forget the following:

Thought to be at least 3,9 million years old, Santa Fe, also called Barrington Island after British Admiral Samuel Barrington, is one of the oldest islands in Galapagos. Covered by a thick forest of giant prickly pear cactae (unique to Santa Fe), this small, uninhabited island is home to many endemic species, including Santa Fe land iguana, Santa Fe mockingbird, Santa Fe rice rat and Santa Fe lava-lizard.

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