Rainforest Essentials | What to pack for a week in the jungle

     The jungle is an exclusive travel destination and an extraordinary adventure, where even organizing your backpack can be a challenge. If you are planning a trip to the Amazon, you must first know that the temperatures are very high, and the air is so humid that the forest creates its own rainy season from the water vapors on the leaves. Regardless of the month, you decide to visit the jungle, make sure that you do not forget the following:

Insect repellent

     Although there are some lodges where you can buy insect repellent, you must have your own vaporizer, cream, bracelet, and even incense sticks that work against tropical mosquitoes. Efficient repellents for tropical mosquitoes can be bought directly from Puerto Maldonado, so you will never enter the jungle without it.

Trekking clothes

     Amazon is the place where the tiniest animals are the most dangerous, so do not be fooled by how hot it is inside the jungle. Wear long clothes made of lightweight materials, as fit as possible (but not tight) to prevent the insects to come in contact with your skin. Keep your pants tucked in socks, including in the lodge. Instead of colorful patterns that attract mosquitoes, choose neutral shades of white, beige, or khaki, and avoid the unpleasant bites in sensitive areas of the neck or face, with a wide-brimmed trekking hat.

Waterproof boots

    Most lodges provide tourists high rubber boots for activities inside the jungle. However, it is good to have your own pair of trekking boots to wear in the lodge or its surroundings. If you have doubts, a suitable pair should be made of waterproof material, support the ankle, and have the sole suitable for walking both dry and wet terrain.

Waterproof backpack

     For day or night walks in the jungle, you should have a waterproof backpack, where you can keep accessories that must avoid contact with water. The more compartmentalized it is, the more safely you can arrange fragile accessories such as glasses, phones, or cameras.

Rechargeable flashlight

    The electricity in the lodge is produced by a generator which is started several hours per day, between certain intervals in the morning and the evening. Each bungalow has two sockets, which imply a proper organization of electronics that require daily charging, such as phones, cameras, or rechargeable batteries. Thus, in the evening, when the light is switched off in the lodge, as well as on night trips through the jungle, a manual rechargeable camping lantern is very useful, and charging it for a few minutes can light up your room for up to 1 or 2 hours.


     No matter which part of the jungle you choose to visit, the diversity of species you will encounter in the Amazon is extraordinary. In the middle of the jungle, you can see monkeys playing in the trees, hoatzin birds, or huge butterflies, while above fly dozens of macaws and Amazonian parrots, so 10×40 or 10×50 binoculars are a must-have accessory in the Amazon.


      Due to the high humidity in the air, it often rains regardless of the season. Do not forget to pack waterproof clothes and take a raincoat with you all the time.

Vacuum bags

     It is not recommended to wear the same clothes on different days, especially if they come in contact with river water, rain, or if they are freshly washed and left to dry in the open air. Some species of butterflies and insects prefer these fabrics to lay tiny eggs, which in contact with the skin can cause eczema, allergies, or even more serious conditions. Because of this, the clothes worn must be separated into completely sealed vacuum bags and kept so until the end of the trip.


  • medication for stomach cramps, mild colds, malaria pills, allergies, patches, remedies against insect bites
  • external battery
  • sunscreen
  • many lodges provide drinking water in large containers in the common area, so you will need a reusable bottle, which you can fill as often as needed.
  • the deeper you venture into the jungle, lodges offer minimum accommodation facilities, so make sure you have all the personal hygiene items you need

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